How to Buy a Four-Piece Set on the Bed, Distinguishing the Pros and Cons

The “four-piece” usually refers to the four-piece bedding set in people’s daily life. As the name suggests, it is a bedding consisting of four kits. The necessary elements are a pair of pillowcases, a quilt cover, a weighted blanket for sleep, and a bed sheet.

Classified by Material


Pure cotton fabrics can be generally classified into medium fabrics, twill fabrics, plain fabrics, satin fabrics and jacquard fabrics. Bedding can be divided into the following types:

  • Four sets of bed mattresses: 1 mattress, 1 quilt cover, 2 short pillowcases
  • Four sets of sheets: 1 bed sheet, 1 quilt cover, 2 short pillowcases
  • Four sets of bedspreads: 1 bed cover, 1 quilt cover, 2 short pillowcases


The fabrics used in the four-piece silk bedding sets are generally 16mm and 19mm. Mommes (mm) is a unit traditionally used to measure the quality of silk. The fabric style of queen size weighted blanket can be divided into plain, printed, jacquard and hand-painted. The other specifications are basically the same as the four-piece cotton bedding set.

Pure Natural Recycled Fiber

Fineness: 1.4dex, 1.7dex, 2.4dex, 3.3dex

Average length: 38mm, 51mm (suitable for cotton spinning, medium and long spinning); 60mm, 80mm (suitable for wool spinning systems).

Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo fibrils are a new type of natural fiber, which is a natural bamboo fiber obtained by a combination of physical and chemical methods. Natural bamboo fibrils are essentially different from bamboo pulp fibers. Bamboo fibrils are natural fibers, while bamboo pulp fibers are chemical fibers. Natural bamboo fibrils have good properties such as moisture absorption, air permeability, antibacterial and antibacterial, deodorization and UV protection.

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Classified by Style

European style

European style can be divided into Nordic, Jane and traditional European according to different regional cultures. The rural style prevailed in Europe in the 17th century, emphasizing the change of linear flow and gorgeous colors. It is based on romanticism in form, and the overall style is luxurious and rich, with a strong dynamic effect.

The other is the Rococo style, which is decorated with light and slender curves. The effect is elegant and intimate. European aristocrats prefer this style.

Chinese style

Chinese people pay more attention to the local decoration and overall style of the home environment. One third of a person’s life is in a state of sleep, and whether the human body can get enough rest during sleep determines the health of the body.

As a daily product for the family, the simple and convenient bed combination is a good choice. You can change the color of the sheets frequently and change the atmosphere according to the seasons and personal needs.

The choice of bedding sets on sale should be changed according to the seasons. For example, you can choose fresh in spring and summer, and create a lively atmosphere with jumping colors. In winter, you can choose warm colors to enhance the warm visual effect. The best weight of the quilt is about 3 kg in summer, about 4-5 kg in spring and autumn, and about 6-8 kg in winter.